Multimedia Outreach Vans

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf USA is focusing heavily on a new project that was just launched on Dec 1st by Hassan Nisar and Rafi Khan. Hassan Nisar inaugurated the MOVs on December 1st along with Rafi Khan Sahab and gave the car key to ISF Lahore. ISF along with women and youth wing will use MOVs to spread the message of hope, peace and justice in the rural areas. This project has set a standard for State of the Art Multi Media Rural Village Outreach. PTI USA has started the FIRST program where Urban Student Youth Women reach out to Rural Youth Women. In this regard, a health organization named Family Health Organization is helping Insaf Student Federation break into villages.
Family Health Organization is sponsoring this project for Insaf Student Federation. IRS and status report of FHO can be found in these links:
Checks payable to: FH Org
Attached are a couple of pictures of the Multimedia Outreach Vans,   full activity can be tracked on
The total cost of one MOV is about $9000.00, If we can find someone   who can donate one van, we can have their name on it and they can get a video   of this van and even track its activity at   website (daily live location update).
Another option is I will get a bat signed by   Imran Khan, price is $2,000, ball & book are $1,000 each and Tshirts for   $100 (signed ones for $200).
There are about 4-5 vans already running and it will be   great if we in PTI New Jersey can also put money together for one van.
Last but not least, if you just like to make a donation of any amount,   cash or check, just email me at   or call me at 732-272-5549.
Let’s make a positive change.
For any additional questions or concerns please email us at
Nauman Chaudary
PTI New Jersey Chapter
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Twitter: ptinewjersey